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The Bishop’s Visitation Offering is designated for the mission of the Diocese of Missouri: Our partners in Lui Diocese are eager to build a Diocesan Conference Center where people can come from all around the Church in Lui to teach and learn, to be together, and to collaborate. Half of the offering will go toward supporting this priority of theirs. Pockets of dire need and poverty exist within the borders of the Diocese of Missouri, in urban locales and rural. Half of the offering will go toward seed money for mission within our own diocese.
Task Force for the Hungry speaks and acts on behalf of hungry people, funds food ministries, raises awareness about hunger and poverty issues, and serves as a resource to food ministries within the Diocese of Missouri. We have a limited number of re-useable grocery bags printed with Matthew 25:35, and will send you one for your donation to the Task Force. Be sure to include your mailing address!
Camp Phoenix is an annual summer experience of great activities with a spiritual program for learning more about God, Jesus, and our place in the universe. This scholarship assists campers who would be unable to participate without financial help: http://www.diocesemo.org/youthministry/cpyouth.htm
This fund is dedicated to the life of service of the Rev. Dr. Warren Crews who has been and continues to be a committed disciple of Christ, as the founding Dean of the Episcopal School for Ministry with the Rt. Rev. Hays Rockwell (retired Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri) as Associate Pastor of Emmanuel, Webster Groves, and in a myriad of other leadership roles around the Diocese of Missouri and in the St. Louis religious community. This scholarship fund supports tuition for ESM students, members of the diocese who gather for prayer, learning, and fellowship.
Our companion diocese, our Moru friends, help us define the exchanges between our communities as well as immediate and ongoing needs: deep water wells, grinding mills, cathedral offices, transportation, medical supplies, education by workshops in Lui and scholarships, mission trips, and communications to name a few. If you would like to restrict your donation to a particular program, please include that information in the comment area. http://diocesemo.org/whoweare/dioceseoflui/
Episcopal Campus Ministry has a presence at MST, Wash U, Stephens College, Mizzou, SLU, Truman, and SEMO. Your contribution will help to grow and strengthen these incredibly important ministries and to help them continue to make a difference on these campuses.
Donation to Deaconess Anne House. If you would like to direct this donation to a specific use, please select "yes, this is an in honor of or memorial donation" at the bottom of this page and treat it as the memo line of a check--with your designation.

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